Do you LOVE the idea of monetizing your passion and knowledge by teaching what you know online?

BUT, do you hate the idea of adding MORE work on your plate or having to learn how to edit video and publish an online course?


And we want more than anything to see YOU join the ONLINE COURSE REVOLUTION so you can share your wisdom with the world.

So, here’s the deal…

YOU can focus on getting all of that knowledge and epic wisdom OUT OF YOUR HEAD and into a teachable format… YOU can focus on TEACHING… 

And WE will do the rest!

Heck, we’ll even help you with the “get-it-out-of-my-head” and teaching part too!

You do NOT have to do this alone, and you do NOT have to make creating an online course into another big, hairy, time-consuming project.



  1. DIY: Take our Online Course Revolution course and learn how to DIY (Do It Yourself)…

    … or take this training AND hire us to do the hard parts…


  2. EDITING SERVICES: You record your content, we EDIT EVERYTHING FOR YOU.

    Starting at <$600 (for a 2 hour course)!


  3. FILMING & EDITING SERVICES: You create the content and then WE film AND edit all of your videos FOR YOU.

    Starting at <$1,000 (for a 2 hour course)!


  4. COURSE COACHING: Want a partner to walk you through creating your content and the entire publishing process?

    COACHING packages start at <$2,000, including the filming & editing too!


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