Evolve Your Coaching Virtual Life Coach Training Program

Evolve Your Coaching Masterclass

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Live Your Passion & Purpose & Create a Six- Figure Coaching Business


The Evolved Coaching System is a step-by-step, week by week program that  includes everything you need to create a six-figure coaching business and it’s the ultimate guide to living your purpose-driven life.

  • Self-paced virtual life coach training program (8 week recommended outline)
  • Bi-weekly live group Q&A meetings
  • Private student Facebook group where group members share ideas, receive feedback, and set up COACHING PRACTICE
  • 3 months free membership (access to ALL of our courses)

WEEK 1: Find Your Profitable Purpose-Driven Niche

  • Why niche coaching is the key to coaching success
  • Explore both popular and highly targeted niches (and learn why the more specific your coaching focus, the easier it is to get clients)
  • Learn what criteria your niche must meet to be successful
  • Discover your greater life purpose and how to use your personal story and experience to identify the perfect niche for you—because it IS you
  • Identify your GIFT—the transformation you offer clients and the outcomes they will receive

WEEK 2: Finding Your Tribe of Ideal Clients

  • Learn why owning your point of view (and being willing to embrace the pack of haters) is the secret key to finding your tribe
  • Identify your tribe, your ideal clients within that tribe, and how to speak their language
  • Analyze your market and assess the viability and profitability of your niche to make sure it provides opportunity for growth
  • Researching your market to find your tribe online, in person, and through collaborative partners
  • Q&A: clarifying your niche and tribe

WEEK 3: Master Your Message

  • Explore your own life story, how it relates to your coaching, and how to tell it in a way that connects with your clients and plants seeds of empowerment
  • Establish credibility and put on your expert hat
  • Identify the true value that you have to offer (the transformational outcomes your clients will experience) and how to express it in THEIR words
  • Research the keywords in your industry and those used by your tribe in order to target your marketing and capture them with your message

WEEK 4: Packaging Your Gift—Create a Signature Coaching Package

  • Identify how to transfer your result to your client by identifying your journey, your recipe, and the steps you will guide them through
  • Develop your coaching package curriculum, including any specific activities, questions, discussions, or educational content
  • Decide on the structure of your coaching package, including length of sessions, number of sessions, and how the sessions will be conducted
  • Identify the ideal price point for your program
  • Keep clients longer by developing a Client Ascension Process

WEEK 5: Write Epic Marketing Copy

  • Establish the official name of your coaching program
  • Write marketing copy, including your biography and a description of your package
  • Write marketing copy for your website
  • Write an effective “elevator pitch” so that you NEVER have to feel uncomfortable answering the question “what do you do?” again!
  • Write a coaching manifesto that captures the heart and soul of your coaching practice

WEEK 6: How to Conduct Free Sessions That Convert to Paying Clients

  • Learn proven strategies for conducting free coaching sessions that provide tremendous value for your clients while gently guiding them to want to enroll in your coaching program
  • Create a script and strategy to feel like you are serving, not selling, so that you can feel comfortable and confident discussing your offer
  • Explore industry secrets for enrolling clients in high-end coaching packages through free sessions

WEEK 7: The Power of Joint Ventures

  • Explore easy and simple ways to reach your ideal clients that you may have overlooked
  • Brainstorm your niche and industry to identify collaborative partners (both businesses and individuals) who already have direct access to your tribe
  • Identify the best potential partners for collaborating at a higher level through joint ventures
  • Develop a strategy for reaching out to collaborative partners and joint venture partners to establish a mutually beneficial relationship
  • Learn proven methods for structuring joint venture arrangements

WEEK 8: Ready to Launch: Preparing a Marketing and Growth Plan for Your Coaching Business

  • Get 100% clear on your BIG WHY--the source of your motivation to follow through
  • Create a VISION of your coaching business that is compelling
  • Identify your goals and create a concrete short and long term plan for evolution
  • Explore marketing options and create an implementation and launch plan


Life Coaching 101: A Complete Guide to Life Coaching (Online Course)

  • Industry best practices including coaching methodolodies and processes
  • Practical tools and techniques for conducting coaching sessions
  • Listening, communication, and questioning techniques
  • Other important topics like body language, establishing boundaries, confidentiality, and more!
Resource Toolbox
  • Intake questionnaires
  • Intake session outline
  • Coaching agreements
  • Templates for tools and processes
  • Coaching scripts
  • Coaching code of ethics
  • Resources and recommendations


Complete Master Life Coach Certification and Step-by-Step Niche Coaching Processes

The core Master Coach program consists of the course material in the Coaching Toolbox and the following 3 niche certification programs:

  • Goal Success Coach: Coach clients to achieve meaningful goals through the 4 steps to goal success! 1) Identify what they want, 2) Develop confidence they can achieve it, 3) Create a concrete short and long term plan, and 4) Stay committed and motivated
  • Life Purpose Coach: Coach your clients to live passionate and meaningful lives and discover their greater purpose, capitalize on their talents and skills, find meaning, empower their beliefs, and choose a career they love.
  • Happiness Coach: Coach your clients to find happiness in daily life, no matter what obstacles they may be facing, by peeling off the layers of limiting beliefs and old programming to unleash their happiness from within.

Each niche course provides a done-for-you coaching program focused on delivering specific results in a step-by-step process. You’ll also receive an official certification for each completed niche program. 

We’re also including a BONUS niche certification program:

  • Life Story Coach: Coach your clients to rewrite their life story by identifying their personal narratives, release limiting beliefs, empower their self-talk, and empower their identity.

PLUS, all of the niche certification programs come with a FREE “Sales Presentation Blueprint” which provides a complete presentation (including PowerPoint and Handouts) that’s designed to sell the niche coaching programs.


  • Become a Client Magnet with Speaking: A blueprint for creating and delivering effective, revenue-generating  workshops or presentations designed to entice your audience to enroll in  your coaching program without feeling or sounding “salesy”.
  • Convert Free Sessions into Paying Clients (WEEK 6): Learn how to conduct free coaching sessions that provide tremendous  value while leading the client to enroll in your paid coaching program.
  • Joint Ventures (WEEK 7): Explore the power of collaboration through partnerships and joint  ventures, including identifying collaborative partners and forming  mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Online Marketing 101 (WEEK 8): Demystify the online marketing process and see how it can be easy,  effective, and fun using simple, proven, and low-cost strategies using  email campaigns, Facebook and Google advertising, YouTube, forums, and  other lesser-known nuggets of possibility. (take from group)


  • Expand your business, diversify your revenue streams, and reach more people (in less time) by offering group life coaching.
  • Learn how to effectively manage your group, including the administrative details, logistics and technology.
  • Structure your group based on your purpose-driven niche program.
  • Develop confidence by practicing advanced group facilitation techniques and communication strategies

Evolve Your Coaching Masterclass includes these courses

Life Coaching: Find Your Profitable Purpose-Driven Niche
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EVOLVE: Write Epic Marketing and Sales Copy
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EVOLVE: Create Your Signature Coaching Package
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Conduct Free Coaching Sessions that Convert into Paying Clients
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Joint Venture Partnerships
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The Ultimate Coaching Toolbox
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