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Life coach training and certification programs. Learn industry best practices and get done-for-you coaching packages and templates to grow your business.


Online courses for personal empowerment and creating a life of meaning and fulfillment! Reach your potential, find your purpose, master your emotions, and create your destiny.


Tools and training for small business owners, indiepreneurs, infopreneurs, and corporate renegates who want to escape the rat race and create their own employment.


Soft skills to enhance your career and learn leading-edge leadership skills, including productivity, goal setting, creativity, conflict management, presention skills, and more!




The Freedom or BUST! Podcast is for INDIEpreneurs, aka self-employed freedom junkies who create their own employment in pursuit of freedom, independence, and purpose.

We believe that self-employment is the ultimate form of empowerment. Our mission is to bring you guests whose powerful entrepreneurship stories and real-world advice will give you the inspiration and tools to create a business and life that you love.

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Interested in becoming a life coach? Find out more about what a life coach does, the qualifications needed, the difference between coaching and therapy and consulting, and what it takes to be a successful life coach! Watch the FREE Life Coach 101 video series.

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